Why choose a conference room at the Olympic Hotel?

Most business events, such as conferences, seminars, trainings, meetings, trainings, etc., are held in Kiev today, because it is the capital that is the center of the country’s business life. To this end, quite a lot of conference rooms of different capacity and price category are equipped in the city, in the center and on the outskirts, which significantly complicates the choice of a suitable room.

The conference hall of the hotel and restaurant Olympic (city center) is an ideal option for corporate gathering of employees for the purpose of conducting their training or training, as well as for a small conference or seminar. The undoubted advantages of the hall, which offers you the hotel and restaurant Olympic, are:

the optimal capacity of the conference hall is 60 people (theater), 30 people (round table), 36 people (classroom);
location almost in the center of the city;
territorial proximity to the railway station (only 3 km), airports (8 km to Zhulyany and 34 km to Boryspil), metro stations (Palace of Sports, Leo Tolstoy, Klovskaya);
the arrangement of the conference room in the hotel’s Olympic premises, thanks to which there is a great opportunity to accommodate participants of the event from other cities in the hotel’s rooms
the ability to organize meals in the hotel restaurant – in the form of a coffee break, buffet table or a full-fledged business lunch;
the possibility of holding separate events on the outdoor terrace of the restaurant, which offers a beautiful view of the center of the capital.
Hotel Olympic, its restaurant and highly qualified staff will take care of the full service of your event in the conference hall and the prompt resolution of any issues arising in the process of its conduct.

Technical equipment of the conference hall (technical center)

The success of any event, be it a huge conference or a small training, first of all, depends on whether the participants of the speakers can hear and see well, as well as the additional visual materials they demonstrate. In this regard, in the process of choosing a conference hall, special attention should be paid to its technical equipment and lighting of the hall itself.

The conference hall, which offers you the hotel and restaurant Olympic, fully meets all the technical requirements for the premises where events of this level are held. In particular, the cost of renting a conference room in our hotel already includes:

the possibility of using a large screen of 1.45 x 1.45 in the process of holding your seminar or conference where, for example, it is convenient to show text information accompanying the speaker’s report to the participants of the event;
using the projector to project some images in order to convey information to the audience as efficiently as possible;
a flipchart, on which it is convenient to clearly explain to the audience the individual points that arise during the discussion;
2 microphones for speakers.
In the daytime, your business events in the conference hall of our hotel can be held under natural light, which not every hall can boast, especially in the city center.

As for the size of this hall, its total area is 68 square meters, namely: 10.6 mx 6.4 mx 3 m.

Thus, if you have chosen Kiev for your event and you need a well-equipped modern conference hall in the center, the hotel and restaurant Olympic will readily provide you with such a room. Our staff will ensure a comfortable time for its participants, both during the event itself, and during leisure in the restaurant, on the terrace or in hotel rooms.

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